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***** Crystal Oak Tree Services Inc. is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews!

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    FANTASTIC job fellas. The staff showed up in the timeframe promised. Not only was the project preformed done in the expected time frame my husband and I were educated on preventive measures for the future.

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    I was several hours into a road trip hoping to stumble upon something edible and saw a Dairy Queen sign just off the freeway and figured, sure, that'll do. Luckily I saw a bunch of cars parking and people wandering into Sod Busters just a little ways further along. I figured with such brisk business from the locals it was worth a shot, so I swung on in.

    It was brunch time when we got there. Coffee was very good and obviously fresh brewed. I had a scramble and pancakes, my wife had the chicken fried steak and biscuits. Both were very well executed and priced well.

    Service was prompt and friendly. The atmosphere is very much relaxed and conducive to larger groups with many 4 person booths and several large tables that were sitting parties of 8.

    If I'm ever nearby again, I'd surely stop in again.

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    Good food. Nice service. We stopped here while road tripping. Go on in.

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    Classic small town America, homey, comfort-food, non-greasy spoon with all the greatest hits and some simple tasty extras. The type of food many people call "diner", but in the rural "country farm" setting rather than a slick hopping diner.

    Just stopped once, but the bright clean atmosphere and friendly people suggest my experience was not unusual. Very friendly, attentive, accommodating wait staff, excellent food for this category of eating places.

    I'm a real coffee snob (to me, Starbucks is in the same league as Folger's) and the coffee was fantastic with generous refills.

    There weren't times listed on the menu, so it's possible they might offer everything all day as similar places do. My simple scrambled eggs and pancakes were excellent (I've not enjoyed a pancake, period, in more years than I can count). The German Sausage is delicious, and my companion's meaty omelette was gigantic. However, in delivering large portions they don't do like many places do: replace quality with quantity.

    So if you're passing through this quaint little town, don't be drawn in by the comfortable familiar Subway and Dairy Queen: take the time to make a stop at Sod Buster's (I hear they do to-go orders as well), and have a real meal on the road.

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    Good hearty breakfast. Did enjoy the chicken fried steak as it was freshly prepared and the gravy was very tasty. Coffee was mediocre diner coffee, but stronger than most, so that's a point in its favor. Dcor was basic and comfy if not a bit sparse. Definitely a good breakfast place and about the only one in town it seemed. I drove down Main Street and most places were lunch/dinner places save one coffee joint. I'd definitely go back.

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    The only reason we went on that Thursday evening was that my in-laws has been raving about their chicken fried steak (they stopped by there once a year) and they claimed to never have a bad experience there so we decided to take them there for dinner this time around.

    I was a little hesitant reading some negative reviews from another website, but we decided to go anyway and I had to admit that I'm so glad we went.

    Sod Busters cafe is a charming, cozy, clean lil' 'diner'. It was well-lit, nicely decorated, clean, rather kitschy too (by the cashier, you can find locally printed funny/humor books for sale, and after skimming through them, they're funny as hell) and the staffs-- the waitresses--were great. We got the same waitress who waited on my in-laws last year too. She was awesome. She was nothing but friendly, helpful and accommodating.

    And at one point, another waitress who wasn't waiting on our table even would fill up our drinks when our waitress isn't around. And it was rather busy evening, what with the crowd coming in after a junior-high football game, but the service remained great regardless.

    My m-i-l ordered the Chef salad, while hub, myself and father-in-law settled on the chicken fried steak. Our son got fish and chips. The portion was BIG, and it came either with soup and salad (and beautiful huge dinner toast). The salad was fresh, the fried steak was great (fluffy mashed potatoes, delicious white gravy--and the portion was so big that we had to have doggie bags); the coffee is excellent and the kiddo even insisted on cherry pie ala mode after dinner. I had a taste of the pie too, I must admit although I normally dislike cherry pies, but this one was freshly made and delicious!

    Overall, it was very very good experience. Next year, we'd make sure to stop by again when we went camping by Goldendale.

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    If you want a high end restaurant and/or gourmet food don't stop in a small country town. This is a nice, family restaurant with decent food. Both our meals were good and we had no complaints. The place was clean and quiet. Most of the tables were full. The service was adequate. Staff could have. been more welcoming and friendlier but they were not rude by any means. I would not rave about this place or go out of my way to eat here. However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone passing through and will eat here again on my next trip North.

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    I've eaten here many times over the years. Pretty decent food, consistently. Reasonable prices. The service is usually great. Sod Busters is the best food I've found in Goldendale although there are a few other "ok" restaurant and a few that I have not tried yet.

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    Family dining, your standard restaurant among limited options for this small town. Decent food for the money, just wish they offered premium coffe

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    Just off the highway and worth the trip. Friendly, good service. Reasonable prices. Homecooked. Chicken noodle soup even had hand made noodles! Ask a local where it's at, they may be trying to keep it a secret. Salad was a bit of a disappointment...iceberg, 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 slices of cucumber. ..but still okay.